Posted on May 10th, 2015

​While I think about how grateful I am for Annie Schneider today, and how she is the perfect amount of crazy to be my mother, I am also sad for friends and family and their circumstances around being a mother or lack there of....

I think of my friend whose son is an addict, and how hard this day is for her.
I think of so many friends who have lost babies before they got to know them. 
I think of women who would love have loved to be mothers and were never given the opportunity, myself included. 
I think of friends who have gone through hormones and shots and doctors to have babies, but never could. 
I think of my Aunt who lost her son as a teenager and misses him every day. 
I think of my dear friend in CA who just lost her Mother way too soon. 
I think of my dear friend who was raised by his father because his mother wasn't around.
I am thankful to Jesus that He saved my mom from cancer that was supposed to take her years ago....

So many emotions surrounding this holiday, if it is not a joyful easy day for you. I see you. I am with you. May you find someway to find peace during this day. Do something that brings you life, art, exercise, sleep, whatever it is, while we celebrate those who brought life into this world. Peace my friends.

Peace, Love and Grace

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